NCDC Reports 1,565 New Cases Of COVID-19  In 24 states And FCT

The centre saddled with the responsibility of managing outbreak of epidemic and pandemic diseases in Nigeria,  the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed 1,565 new cases of COVID-19 across 24 states and the Federal Capital Territory

According to report, this figure is the highest so far recorded in the country since the outbreak of covid-19 with its index case of February 27, 2019.

In this latest update the NCDC reported that Lagos and FCT lead the toll with 807 and  236 cases respectively

Others as reported by the health agency are as follow: Kaduna-79; Oyo-57; Plateau-47; Rivers-37; Katsina-35; Edo-30; Sokoto-30; Delta-26; Kebbi-23; Ondo-20; Enugu-18; Abia-17; Ogun-17; Benue-16; Bayelsa-15; Bauchi-14; Niger-13; Kano-10; Borno-6; Imo-5; Ekiti-4; Osun-2 and Jigawa-1.

“Our discharges today include 314 community recoveries in Lagos State, 158 in Kaduna State and 84 in Plateau State managed in line with guidelines”

In lieu of this second wave of the spread of the virus, NCDC maintained that testing is the only way to truly understand the burden of COVID-19, particularly now that the nation is recording more cases than ever.

“We have worked tirelessly to increase capacity and access to COVID-19 testing across the country,” NCDC head of disease surveillance, Ilori said.


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