Arsenal Manager Solicits For More Time For Lampard  At Chelsea

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta expressed in confidence that Chelsea manager Frank Lampard deserves more time to work on the England team and turn it back to its state as  a winning side again.

Recall that at the time, Lampard’s deliverables and performance was on the increase as a young manager,  Arteta was still battling to show he was the right man to address the slide in Arsenal’s fortunes.

Now that the reverse is the case, there are several speculations and reports suggesting that Lampard is in a serious battle to save his job as the team manager. 

Meanwhile Arteta – who like Lampard captained the club he now manages – feels the former England international should be afforded more ample time to get things right at Stamford Bridge.

“I have known Frank for a few years and I spent some time with him and I would like the club to support him and give him a chance,” said the Spaniard.

“He has huge experience as a player, he is an icon over there and he has done some really good things.

“You need time, and something we have not had in this calendar year is time to work on anything” Mikel Arteta said

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