Omala PDP tackles LG Chairman over plans to sell Assets

The Omala Local Government Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in Kogi State and many concerned sons and daughters of Omala (Amo ma ane) kick against the alleged

plans by the present local government chairman Ibrahim Aboh to sell off the
local government properties for no reason.

The Peoples Democratic Party in Omala has condemned the plans by the local government chairman to sell some assets.

The plan by the present led administration to sell off the local government properties is highly consider to be selfish, malicious devilish and misplacement of priority and it’s a
height of rascality by a clueless government .

To be candid it is fat shameful that an administration
which is saddled with the inability just to put a structure let alone executing people-oriented projects will now scheme to mortgage our collective efforts too bad.

The local government chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rejected the evil and selfish plan of Ibrahim Aboh led administration to sell the local government assets.

The Omala PDP chapter threatened to sue the chairman if he sells the structures built and any of the properties by past administrators of the local government.

We therefor cautioned against the planned sale.

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