Gbajabiamila, Onyeama Advocate Foreign Policy Review To Protect National Interest

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila has stated that Nigeria must review its foreign policy to protect its national interest in the changing global community.

Gbajabiamila said this in Abuja at a conference on the review of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy, organised by the House Committees on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora on Monday, April 19.

He said that the review was long overdue adding that many things have changed since the 1960s when Nigeria’s foreign policy first came into play.

“Technology has changed the way we conduct business; and has created an opportunity for millions across the world.

“It has also made us vulnerable because the technology platforms and tools that have become such important parts of our lives; are themselves susceptible to the people who will seek to use them to hurt us.

“Terrorists, criminals, and bad actors of all faces now access to tools that would enable them to operate with ease why avoiding detective agencies.

“No country in the world can meet these challenges alone; we need a global response and we need each other,” he said.

Gbajabiamila added: “Our nation’s foreign policy should define our terms of engagement; with the rest of the world so that we can each survive together.

“If we say the world is dynamic and we live in one global village, it is time for us to review our foreign policy.”

He said a deep look into Nigeria’s foreign policy would reveal contradictions that would work for and also against the country.

“This is why the review is very important; foreign policy can shape economic; social; as well as political issues; and also must be taken very seriously,” he said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffery Onyeama defined foreign policy as a set of self-interest strategies chosen by a state to safeguard national interest.
He said that the aim was to achieve set goals in a nation’s relationship with other countries at the multilateral level.

The minister said that foreign policy was dynamic and also highly responsive to changing priorities and interests.

According to Onyeama, Nigeria’s foreign policy has been evolving in line with its strategic national interests.

“Under President Muhammadu Buhari, the Buhari doctrine is anchored on the pillars of good neighbourliness; peaceful coexistence with all countries; on African regional cooperation as well as multilateralism.

“Under Buhari, it focuses on sustainable economy; social inclusion and also poverty reduction; increased agricultural output for security; energy sufficiency; transport expansion; as well as infrastructure development; education; healthcare; good governance,” he said.


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